Sewer Scope Inspections

Inspections are a standard part of buying a new home. A General Home Inspection is a Visual Inspection of visible and apparent deficiencies at the time of inspection. As such, the Lateral Sewer Line is always disclaimed from such a report. It is a buried sealed tube, It can not be seen or reported upon by your Inspector.

However, the lateral Sewer Line can be a very large Financial concern. The owner of the property is responsible for the Line from their property all the way to the connection to the Public Main or Septic Tank. The line will run underground, often under Garages, Driveways, Gardens, the sidewalk and road, all of which may need to be dug up should the line require repairs or replacement. This can run to the many thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars.

A Sewer Scope is a small camera that is attached to a pushrod, this is run through the inside of the plumbing and sewer line, enabling the Inspector to see and record a video of the condition inside the pipes. This enables the Inspector to see and report on the deficiencies observed within the pipe, from the property to the City Sewer Tap or Septic Tank.

There are a number of reasons that the Lateral Sewer Line may be damaged or blocked: Tree Roots, Shifting Soil, Rapid Ground Freeze – Thaw Cycle, Home Settling, Poor Installation, Old Failing pipes, Construction damage, Inadequate pipe Material, Foreign objects such as toys, clothing that have been flushed and become lodged, and many other reasons. All of which can create blockages or leaks.

While blockages to the Lateral Sewer Line can be a major problem, with the line backing up into the property and flooding it with sewage and effluent, leaks can be even worse. A cracked or ruptured line can create a multitude of problems. Leaking sewage into the surrounding environment, which can require an environmental clean up, a clean up that the homeowner will be responsible for the cost of.

Why is a leak so much of a problem? Sewage carries a number of dangers and can be a serious health risk. Many harmful fungi and bacteria live off sewage and it carries infectious parasites and molds that can cause severe health risks; Sewer water releases several harmful gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane which may cause respiratory and other health concerns if inhaled.

There is also the risk of physical damage, regardless of whether it is a trickle or a flood, a damaged Lateral Sewer Line can cause major problems for your property, Flooding is the obvious and apparent concern but there is a risk of unseen damage. Flowing water can weaken and displace the soil beneath the property, creating sinkholes or even just weakening the stability of footings which can cause subsidence and breaks in the foundation to the building, this may in turn cause structural damage to the property.

So, do you need a Lateral Sewer Scope Inspection to protect yourself and your family?

Yes, yes you do.

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