Termite/WDI Inspections

Dangers of Wood Destroying Insects

Wood-destroying insects (WDI) can cause major problems and damage to the structure of a home, and this is sometimes not detected for a very long time, It can take a professional eye to detect the signs of infestation. It is not only Wood framed/constructed homes that are threatened and damaged by WDI activity, because these insects and Organisms are capable of traversing through plaster, around metal siding and more. WDI then feed on cabinets, floors, ceilings and wooden furniture within these homes.

We Recommend a WDI Inspection that needs to be completed by a certified Inspector, before every home purchase. As a part of the certified WDI inspection that we carry out, you will receive invaluable information regarding any existing damage or signs of infestation and have indicated any target areas of the home that are predisposed to the likelihood of future infestations. Some areas of concern will include open access points in the foundation of the house, below grade areas such as a basement, exposed vulnerable wood components, exterior surfaces in contact with vegetation, and areas in the home that have high levels of moisture.

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